Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pat's Acres - Driftober

I recently went and checked out "Driftober" at Pat's Acres in Canby, Oregon. Very cool place that allows for amateur drifters to come out and practice with their cars, all day long. There was a ton of good talent, and I thought I'd share some footage of the drifting with you all.

Here's a link to the place, it's $10 for general admission, and for another $5 you can ride along with the drifters!

Future drift dates include November 10th and December 15th, head out to watch if you're near Portland!


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  2. Just looking at these cars drifting excites me! That gives me a whole new respect for my old car; who knew even used cars can be wicked drift machines?

  3. This one day experience taught me so many things about cars, I got the chance to talk to the riders and some shared tips with me on ways how to improve my car and some good accessory equipment to make my car more useful. Ridding along the drifters is such a great experience! I just can’t wait for the next event for this one.