Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What is a clutch disc? What is a clutch? How do clutch discs work? What are the different parts of a clutch disc? This video features a 6 puck Yonaka Motorsports performance clutch for B-series Honda motors. A clutch disc is made up of a main plate, to which friction material is connected. The main plate is also connected to two retaining plates, which surround the clutch hub. The retaining plates are held together with stop pins, and when the retaining plates move they press on the springs inside the hub. The springs are used to cushion the clutch engagement, and this is dampened out by the friction disc sandwiched between the two retaining plates.

Product Links:
Performance Clutch Disc: http://www.yonaka.com/Yonaka_Honda_B16_B18_6_Puck_Performance_Clutch_Di_p/ymcd020.htm
Performance Clutch Kit: http://www.yonaka.com/Yonaka_Honda_B16_B18_6_Puck_Performance_Clutch_Set_p/ympck001.htm
Yonaka: http://www.yonaka.com/

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