Monday, December 1, 2014

10 Gifts For Every Car Guy (or Gal) Out There

1. Phone mount and Charger
Phones do it all these days. They're a GPS, music player, and apparently can be used to speak to people in real time. Get a mount so navigating around unfamiliar places is simple. 


2. Floor Jack
If you think the one that comes with your car is acceptable, you don't know jack! A good floor jack is a must for any DIYer out there without the great fortune of having a hydraulic lift in their garage. When selecting a jack, be sure to check out the lift capacity as well as the minimum and maximum lift heights. And don't forget a pair of jack stands and wheel chocks!


3. Car Cleaning Kit
Cleaning your car sucks. It really does. But if you care about the appearance and longevity of your car's paint, then keeping it clean is important. Here are some kits that include everything you need to do just that. 


4. Racing Games
Great for people who make sounds like "Bwaaahhhhh!!!!" or turbo nuts and their "Sstu..tu-tu-tu..." Two of the best names out there are Forza and Gran Turismo. For the car gamer out there that doesn't have this already, it's a must. 


5. Racing Wheel
It's fact that 99.99% of us will likely never find ourselves behind the wheels of true race car slamming us into our seats as we crest up Eau Rouge at Spa. That's why the world made video games (though maybe it was to keep people with bad social skills inside longer). We can take things a notch closer to the real deal with a proper simulator, like the Logitech G27. A stand to go along with it can make all the difference. 


6. Disc Brake Coasters
Not all of us have time for video games, but we all have time for a holiday beverage. Especially when the whole family is in. What better item to place your sanity-saver on than a disc brake coaster? 

7. Diagnostics and Datalogging
For the DIYer who wants to read codes, or the tuner who wants to data-log their ride to make sure all the parameters are going well, these two devices offer an immense amount of information reading abilities, for a relatively small cost. (If you don't know what any of this means, once again a great gift for guys who make car sounds). 


8. Radar Detector
Speeding is illegal, so don't do it. But sometimes you need to know that cops are around. You know, in case you're playing your music too loud. 

9. Battery Powered Impact Wrench
It's unlikely that this will replace your pneumatic impact wrench, but air compressors rarely fit in your backpack. This small and compact impact wrench is super practical and can help you in countless nutty situations

10. Tire Pressure Gauge
There's no excuse not to have one of these sitting in your car. Tire pressure is important not only for safety but fuel economy as well. Whether you're digital or mechanical, pop one of these guys in your glove box so you can monitor pressure regularly. 


Of course, the greatest gift of all is knowledge. So head over to Patreon to find out how you can get private e-mail access, video chats, and data all from Engineering Explained



  1. Good one! Although, is this a sponsored post?

    1. Nope, some of this stuff is on my own wish list!

  2. #1. Phone mount and Charger --> of the Dodge brand, preferably.

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