Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How Does A DSG Transmission Work?

What is a DSG transmission? How does a direct shift gearbox work? A DSG transmission is a dual clutch transmission used by Volkswagen. A DSG uses two wet, multi-plate clutches to activate separate drive shafts which send torque via the even or odd gear sets. Because the gear sets are on separate shafts, this allows for preselecting the next gear, allowing for nearly instantaneous gearshifts without a total loss in torque. DSG tranmissions operate a lot like manual transmissions, but they are electronically controlled and thus the gear selection can be either automatic or manual, but does not require the use of a clutch pedal as this is all activated automatically. 

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  1. Cool! Different sizes in shafts and discs diameters would implicate in more resistance/reliability or torque transfer between odd and pair gears?

    1. Changes the gearing (and thus torque) for various gears.

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