Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Brake Caliper Location - Explained

What determines the location for brake calipers? Why are some brake calipers towards the front, while others are towards the rear? What factors influence brake caliper placement? Location could be dependent upon weight distribution, aerodynamics, suspension geometry and packaging, the vehicle purpose, cost, and aesthetics. 

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  1. Another thing to consider in the placement of the caliper, is the loading case of the hub bearings.
    If the calipers are in front, then the counter force on the hub due to the caliper braking torque is added to the load applied to the bearings.
    If in back, then cancels some of the loads due to the wheel and reduced the total force on the bearings.
    This way you either use a smaller/lighter/cheaper bearing, or helping your normal bearing cope with increased load of a high performance car (the hellcat for example).

  2. what about brake calculations? does it have anything to do with that?

  3. does the angle at which the breaks are kept are affect the breaking force?

  4. Another reason to mount calipers at the front is centrifugal caster. It makes the center of mass of the knuckle-caliper assembly to lie in front of the king pin axis. So with this set up, during cornering, the centrifugal force imparts an understeering effect on the front wheels.

  5. Great video. At rear wheels of sport car why calipers are placed in front qudrant? Wouldnt it influence air travel?

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