Friday, March 20, 2015

Bloodhound SSC - Mark Elvin: Lead Engineer Q&A

Answering your questions on the Bloodhound SSC. Mark Elvin, lead engineer, provided insight on the science and engineering behind the Bloodhound SSC.

-- Questions --
- How much horsepower is needed to reach 1,000 mph? 
- How much does the vehicle weigh?
- What are the wheels/tires made of? 
- How do you prevent the car from lifting? 
- What measures will you take to ensure the surface is ready to run on? 
- What is the drag coefficient? 
- How do you deal with vibrations at such high speeds? 
- What safety precautions and equipment are used to protect the driver? 
- What are the maximum g forces experienced?
- Is there any thermal expansion of components to be concerned with?
- What are some things that you have to take into consideration that the average human won't think about? 
- How did Mark Elvin get hired on to this project? 

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