Monday, March 2, 2015

Maximizing Fuel Economy - Windows, A/C, Heat?

Will you get better gas mileage with your windows down or with the A/C on? How does this compare to windows up, or with the heat on? At lower speeds, it will be more efficient to lower your windows. At higher speeds, where drag increases exponentially, the drag created from having your windows down will have a higher impact on your efficiency, and thus it will be better to drive with the windows up and the A/C on. But what speed does this occur at? Let's run some tests to find out.

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  1. In an SUV though, if you have all four windows down, isn't there more of an opportunity for air to exit the vehicle through the rear windows? I always find that if I open just the front windows in my crew cab pickup, the air starts to "hit" me in the side of the head, but when I open the rear windows, that stops.

    It would be really interesting to actually see this test done with an SUV...great video!