Thursday, April 30, 2015

4 Reasons Why The Nissan LMP1 Car Is FWD

Why is the Nissan GTR LM NISMO front engine with front wheel drive? I spoke with the engineers to find out exactly that. There are four reasons I found particularly important for understanding why the LMP1 car is front engine/FWD. It allows for the center of pressure to be efficiently placed over the center of gravity, it provides the potential for more energy recovery through the front axle, it essentially decreases the frontal area through influencing the front diffusers, and it allows for a more efficient rear diffuser when coupled with more narrow tires. Another benefit of using more narrow tires is that it reduces aerodynamic drag. 

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  1. Has supposed advantages yet is slower than a LMP2 at Sebring. Come on now...

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    3. Supposedly the KERS wasn't functioning to perfection in the past and they had trouble with the bumps of Sebring which requires fantastic traction to slip round the corners while flying like you're on rails. Le Mans is more stable so with four peaks and dips around the entire track (Dunlop curve - peak at the chicane and dips to the Esses, Playstation to Michelin there's a peak in the Mulsanne which dips before the Michelin chicane, up to Mulsanne corner there's a peak before it dips at the apex before Mulsanne and down to Indianapolis another dip where Peter Dumbreck did his famous somersault in 1999).

      Compared to Sebring, Le Mans is very smooth so that will help with the balance. I like what the author actually said about the fluid mechanics term, center of pressure. Adding the front airfoil which basically curves like a Daytona Prototype then allowing the air flow to three options; go around the car side, go over the engine, or cool the engine using side pod radiator fans behind the suspension near the engine to cool it there; I can understand now why it's able to turn more and have less understeer than imagined. We'll have to see how quick though it truly is. Hopefully, they'll maximize the amount of power they have everywhere.

  2. Proof to claim that? :D Even then we need description of conditions, type of running etc Its hard to evaluate "test" session anyway without and detail knowlege...

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