Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Deriving Car Slip Angles - Tire Slip - WARNING: Maths

Understanding oversteer, understeer, and load transfer all relates back to slip angles, so it's important to understand where the equation for slip angles comes from. This video derives the equation used for slip angles, as shown in the book "Automotive Engineering Fundamentals" by Richard Stone and Jeffrey K. Ball. The derivation of slip angles requires an understanding of basic dynamics, the relationship between slip angle and lateral load, and static free body diagrams of a car. 

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  1. This was awesome. Could you possibly do a video about the math behind tweaking suspension? Spring rates, camber, caster etc. but also, more importantly, what order to do it in. An application rather than an explanation so to speak. I think that project Integra would be perfect for this although I realize it would take a lot of time!

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