Monday, May 4, 2015

How To Replace A Muffler - 1998 Honda Civic DIY

Replacing a muffler on a 1998 Honda Civic is a fairly straight forward process. I'll be using a Walker exhaust for this installation. Walker is a global supplier of exhaust parts and offers direct-fit mufflers, catalytic converters, pipes, resonators, and other exhaust accessories. Walker sent me the exhaust replacement kit for the use in this blog post. For more information on the parts used, check out

Step 1: Raise the rear of the car up onto jack stands. Be sure to do this properly, use this video link for reference. Can you tell why the muffler needs replacing?

Step 2: The next thing I do is soak the nuts/bolts securing the muffler portion of the exhaust with penetrating oil, and allow that to seep in for a few hours before working on it. If the nuts aren't rusted on, you can begin working immediately. Remove the two nuts using a 12 mm socket. 

Step 3: Remove the muffler from the two exhaust hangers at the rear. You can use a little oil on the hangers to make it easier.

Step 4: Remove the muffler. It's as simple as pulling it out now, over the lower control arm of the rear suspension. There are only four points holding it in, the two bolts and the two hangers (which are already removed).

Step 5: Reverse the process and reinstall the new muffler. Start by sliding it into position, then connect the rubber hangers, and finally tighten down the two bolts connecting the muffler to the rest of the exhaust piping. 

Old vs new muffler.
The old tailpipe completely rusted off. 
Completed installation.

Walker offers a full line of exhaust products and is an original equipment supplier for many manufacturers. For more information check out

Catalytic Converter for a 1998 Honda Civic


  1. Nice tutorial! Cool that the catalytic converter is part of the manifold, never seen that done before.

  2. Thanks for posting! The muffler on my '00 civic just rusted through (again). Doing it myself with the Walker kit this time.

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  5. I'd like to add that I was concerned about the spring pressure on the two flange bolts, but by the time they were ready to come off, there was no remaining pressure from the springs. Also, you had it easy! Your tail pipe had come off. If it's still on, it can be a battle to get the muffler free of the hangers. Going back on was easy though.

    Otherwise I'd like to thank you for this great write up! It was very helpful!

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