Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What Is Roll Center?

The body roll of a car is influenced by the distance between the roll center and the center of gravity of the vehicle, The larger this distance, the larger the roll moment, and thus the more body roll the vehicle has. By manipulating the suspension geometry, you can alter the amount of body roll by increasing the height of the roll center and bringing it closer to the center of gravity. 



  1. Great video! By the way I think you are looking for a tradeoff between too much roll and not enough roll. That's why in a go-kart where there are no suspensions the chassis compliance is compensating, isn't that? I think a car with roll centre on the center of gravity will be undrivable and you won't have any possibility of adjusting the load distribution on the tires through the antirollbars..

  2. is the line connecting the instantaneous centre of rotation originating from centre of the wheel or centre of the contact patch?

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