Friday, November 6, 2015

The Best Minivan Review Ever - 2016 Kia Sedona

The 2016 Kia Sedona. The best review of a minivan. The Kia Sedona packs 7 or 8 people, features a V6 engine with 6 speed transmission, and has plenty of torque for hauling all of your stuff. Features are endless: heated and vented front seats, heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, 360 degree camera system, keyless push button start, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, automatic power windows all around, power lift gate, tri-zone climate control, front and rear parking assist, chrome wheels, nappa leather seat trim, driver seat position memory, yes it’s got it all. 

But what else can the Kia offer? How about reclining rear seats? The only other vehicle I’ve had this nice of a seating position in the rear seats is a $200,000 Maybach S600. Dual sunroofs. Well what if you’d like to chauffeur and want the ability to open and close the doors for the rear passengers? Yep, you can do that. It also features a completely hands free power liftgate. You simply stand next to the back with the key in your pocket, and it opens up for you, no fumbling required. When you put the car in reverse, on top of the ridiculous number of cameras and available views, the side mirrors automatically tilt downward to help with backing up or parallel parking. 

While I'm not saying the Kia Sedona is the best minivan out there, it certainly does have an abundance of features and offer a nice, compliant ride. I set out with the goal of creating the most interesting minivan review ever. Undoubtably not that challenging, since competition is rather... mundane. 

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  1. Hello friend, I am agree with you that Kia Sedona is the best minivan. Because I tried it later in my trip. This is really have a huge space, we can drive and sit in very comfortably. I am a outdoor advertising service provider, I am used this car in my professional tour with my colleague.


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